The Player is the first stage of the final boss in the game. It has no visible game name, and has the same footman model as the players' heroes. It wields a weapon not available to the players.

Attacks Edit

Attack Edit

A simple attack in front with its weapon.

Dark Attack Edit

An attack that afflicts the player with Curse.

Spin Attack Edit

Spins forward, dealing damage in a circle.

Charge Attack Edit

A blue aura appears around the boss while he charges up. When released, he rushes the player, dealing damage and stunning for a long time.

Leap Attack Edit

The boss rushes the player with a leaping slam attack. This follows the player if he uses dive (F + E)

Life Pendant Edit

The boss uses a Life Pendant similar to the player's. This has the effect of High Heal and Divine Sword. Also it is sped up with Wisp Amulet.

Strategy Edit

While seeming difficult at first, this is a simple boss if you wait for the right time to attack. If the boss is using Leap Attack or Charge Attack, you should only avoid it. Do not attack, or it will easily kill you. To dodge Charge Attack, wait until he releases the charge, then dive (F + E) away. To dodge Leap Attack, do not dive away. Instead, just activate Sprint and run horizontal to the boss.

There are only two real times when you can attack: after the spin combo, and during Life Pendant.

The boss will sometimes use a series of attacks, then Spin Attack, then attack again. Wait until the spin attack is done, then hit the boss once or twice from the side. He cannot retaliate since the attack is already in progress towards the front.

The boss will also cast Life Pendant. Quickly dive towards him, hit him three to four times, then dive away. You need to be quick here because his Life Pendant carries Divine Sword, so you don't want to be around when it expires. As long as you land 3-4 attacks, you will nullify his healing and maybe deal a little extra damage to it.

Rewards Edit

The reward is that you get to fight the Player Shadow (Boss).